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Firmware update(V10)

September 29, 2020

1. Release Version

    Application Version : (Ver 1.12 -> Ver 1.16)

    Firmware Version : (V0.19 -> 0.23)

2. Release Date :  2020/09/29


3. How to Update : Use the GolfBuddy Course Manager on Windows or Mac.


4. Update Content 

    1) When V10 Power on, it directly enters golf mode

   2) Changing the order of the setting menu

   3) Added strings according to Korean and Japanese languages.

   4)  Japanese slope function added




Japanese slope function has been added.

If you select a Japanese course in the manager and update it, the 2328 club files of Japanese Slope Data are downloaded, and the download time in the manager takes a long time. Also, there may be cases where courses in other countries cannot be updated due to insufficient memory.

For customers who do not visit Japanese clubs, please refrain from updating Japanese courses in the manager.